Conservation Management Plans

Loreto College, BallaratAHS has prepared a range of Conservation Management Plans (most in association with Wendy Jacobs, Architect & Heritage Consultant) on: schools and colleges, homesteads, cemeteries, landscapes and a range of other built heritage sites.  The Conservation Management Plans provide a history, physical analysis, comparative analysis, statement of significance and, importantly, provide guidelines on how heritage places can be managed and conserved, incorporating recommendations for development & repairs (& any specialists that might be required, such as structural engineers, horticulturists, etc).  A number of these Conservation Management Plans have led to much-needed restoration, ensuring the ongoing survival of these significant heritage places into the future.  Some of the Conservation Management Plans have also formed the basis for the successful application of funding assistance from the Federal and State Governments.

A selection of Conservation Management Plans prepared by AHS are outlined under the following themes (click on the theme for further details):